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You Know Why Cubans Flee Cuba En Masse…

You Know Why Cubans Flee Cuba En Masse… / Cubalex

Cubalex, 30 March 2017 — Because there is no democracy or rule of
law. Nor do the conditions exist to exercise civil, political, economic,
social and cultural freedoms. The elite of the Communist Party of Cuba
(PCC), maintains power through the structures of the State and the
Government with repressive methods.

Workers have no right to strike nor can they freely create trade
unions. The government refuses to legalize any social organizations that
do not share the policies of the party elite. Dissidents and human
rights defenders are stigmatized, harassed and ultimately imprisoned.

Opposition to the government can not be organized. There are no legal
mechanisms for the existence of political parties. The PCC is the only
party recognized in the National Constitution, which was drafted by the
founders of this political organization, senior military commanders who
have remained in power for almost 60 years; almost sixty years with two
presidents, brothers named Castro.

This military elite, does not tolerate opposition, nor pay any political
or economic price for harassing and repressing it. They are not open to
public debate. Through the Law they harass people who openly criticize them.

They count on making an example of those who oppose them. The rest of
society refrains from expressing their political preferences. They fear
negative consequences in their lives. They are controlled by social and
mass organizations.

The electoral law does not allow political parties to participate in the
elections, but the PCC participates in them, through the mass
organizations. They control the electoral process. They avoid
competition and ensure that the members of this political organization
are elected and appointed to hold office in government. Their leaders
occupy positions in the highest party and state structure.

As a consequence, people with citizenship and residence on the island
cannot run on equal terms. Nor do they have the mechanisms to
participate in political and economic decision-making. The election of
the members of parliament does not depend on their votes and political

They are excluded from intervening in the national economy, a privilege
only allowed to foreigners. While the country’s economic situation is
precarious and worsens, the State limits its ability to generate
income. It obliges them, through the exercise of self-employment, to
carry out non-professional economic activities with only minimum profit

If Cubans dramatically flee the country, it is to seek better
opportunities for their lives, but also to seek freedom. “When the
people emigrate, the rulers are superfluous,” is a phrase of José
Martí’s that today is fully in force.

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