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13 Cuban migrants make landfall on Long Key

13 Cuban migrants make landfall on Long Key
waxford@keynoter.comOctober 24, 2015

Thirteen Cuban men reportedly traveling across the Florida Straits from
Matanzas, Cuba, arrived on Long Key early Wednesday morning.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent Frank Miller said all the
migrants were men. He said they left Matanzas, which is about 60 miles
east of Havana, on Oct. 16. The men’s vessel was described as rustic or

Miller said on Thursday the men were still in custody of the Border
Patrol but will most likely be cleared under the wet-foot, dry-foot
policy. Under that policy, Cuban migrants who reach U.S. soil get to
stay. They rest are sent back to the island.

According to numbers provided by Customs and Border Protection, 4,703
“inadmissible” Cubans arrived in South Florida from October 2013 to
September 2014. That’s up from the previous fiscal year’s 1,852 Cubans
entering the country illegally.

In an Oct. 7 report, the nonprofit Pew Research Center says so far this
year, 2,927 Cubans were caught at sea and repatriated. The number last
year was 2,111, Pew reported.

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