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4 Cuban migrants come ashore in Broward

4 Cuban migrants come ashore in Broward

They were greeted on the beach by Dmytro Donets, who saw they needed
help from his nearby condo.

Donets, who came from Ukraine with his parents several years ago, called
the police at the men’s request. He told reporters on the scene that one
of the men was a teacher in Cuba named Michael.

The men gave Donets their good luck charm, a blank dog tag and chain.

“I hope they’re all right,” Donets said. “It’s good when new people are
coming to America to work.”

Another witness said the men said they left Cuba last week but got lost
and didn’t know if they would survive, according CBS4.

Other witnesses said they are impressed by the migrants’ risky journey.

“So risky and you could lose your life and these people are brave. I
respect that,” Hector Dominguez told CBS4.

The four men were taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood for

The U.S. Border Patrol and Broward sheriff’s investigators responded
about 1 a.m. to the call at 2000 block of South Ocean Drive.

If custom agents confirm the men are Cuban, they will be allowed to stay
because they made it to land under the U.S. current “wet foot, dry foot”

Correspondent Jim Donnelly contributed to this report.

Source: 4 Cuban migrants come ashore in Broward | Miami Herald Miami
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