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The Filmmaker Ian Padrón Announces his Decision to Leave Cuba

The Filmmaker Ian Padrón Announces his Decision to Leave Cuba / 14ymedio
Posted on February 17, 2015

14ymedio, 16 February 2015 — The Cuban filmmaker Ian Padrón announced
his decision to leave the island and stay in the US in an interview
broadcast by CNN Mexico last week. The artist admitted that he, “was
tired of fighting, of the complications,” on the island.

The son of film director Juan Padrón, in communication from Los Angeles,
said that there must be respect for those who choose a life abroad and
reiterated his will to change the situation in Cuba. “There has to be
respect for the fact that I can think “differently,” but at the same
time love my country. I feel that in many things I have been
misunderstood, I have been marginalized, I have been censored many times
on the island,” he said. “One has to be very brave to leave Cuba, but be
brave also to stay in Cuba,” he added.

The director of numerous videoclips, documentaries and the film
Habanastation said he had postponed too long the decision too settle
abroad and admitted that it would be difficult to start from scratch
after having achived recognition in his own country. “I always wanted to
live in Cuba I have come to the United States more than twenty times and
have never decided to stay and live here. I felt a social duty, a
responsibility to fight to improve my country.”

I sleep peacefully, whoever criticizes me, that’s their right, but I
believe that no one is going to resolve my life for me. I have to
resolve my life myself, I have to adapt myself and I have to fight for
it,” he insisted.

The winner of the award for best video of the year at the latest edition
of the Lucas Awards with the video Se bota a matar by the duo Buena Fe,
criticized in the same ceremony the official censorship of two of his
works (Control, with Juan Formell and los Van Van, and Soy, with Buena
Fe), as well as the deficiencies in the process of choosing the winners.

Source: The Filmmaker Ian Padrón Announces his Decision to Leave Cuba /
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