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Cuban migrants protest detention in Mexico

Cuban migrants protest detention in Mexico
9:45 AM Friday May 16, 2014

TAPACHULA, Mexico (AP) Fifty-nine Cubans migrants being held in a
detention center in southern Mexico on Thursday threatened to go on a
hunger strike if Mexican authorities don’t resolve their legal situation.

Some of the Cubans protesting their detention in Tapachula, in southern
Chiapas state, have been in custody since the end of last year.

They say they want to either be given the documents necessary to
continue their journey to the United States, or be sent back to Cuba.

The migrants say Mexican immigration authorities have ignored demands to
end their legal limbo and violated their human rights.

Mexico’s National Immigration Institute said in a Thursday statement
that it is waiting for consular authorities to confirm the migrants’
nationality to begin the process to return them to Cuba.

“In every case, the foreigners have received food, medical and
psychological services and have been allowed to make phone calls without
a charge so they could talk to their relatives and authorities at their
consulate,” it added.

Mexico signed a pact with Cuba in 2008 promising to deport illegal Cuban
migrants. Before, Mexican generally only briefly detained Cuban migrants
and gave them a 10- to 30-day exit order, giving them time to make their
way to the United States.

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