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Cayman allows boat with Cuban migrants to continue to Honduras

Posted on Thursday, 11.08.12

Cayman allows boat with Cuban migrants to continue to Honduras

By Juan O. Tamayo

A makeshift boat with 25 Cubans aboard was spotted near Grand Cayman

Island and was allowed to continue on its way to Honduras because it was

in good sailing condition, Cayman Islands officials announced Wednesday.

Immigration officials of the British-run islands about 125 miles south

of Cuba reported the boat carrying 22 men and three women was spotted

early Wednesday near shore in Gun Bay.

Following Cayman policy, the Cubans were allowed to motor on after

inspectors ruled the vessel was seaworthy and the passengers were well.

Cubans who fail those inspections are detained and returned later to

their home island.

The boat, about 28-30 feet in length and made of fiberglass, had two

diesel engines, a canvas sail and stabilizing outriggers made of inner

tubes held out on long poles, according to the Cayman government


Cayman authorities often spot migrant boats that leave illegally from

Cuba's southeastern coast and hope to ride the prevailing winds and

currents to Honduras. From there, the migrants try to travel by land to

Mexico's border with the United States.

Twenty-eight Cubans were detained in Cayman Brac island in April after

their boat docked there with a broken rudder. They were later returned

home under a bilateral agreement between Havana and Cayman officials.

At least six boats carrying Cuban migrants have been spotted in Cayman

waters since the start of 2011, compared to none in 2010.


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